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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications or experience do I need to study with UNIGIS?

The standard entry requirement for the UNIGIS UK programme is either (i) a Bachelor’s degree with honours OR (ii) a higher education qualification (such as an HND) together with some professional experience OR (iii) significant professional experience in the GI industry.  Please don’t worry if you don’t have a first degree – this does not necessarily preclude you from taking up a place on the UNIGIS programme.  Previous UNIGIS students have taken up a place on the programme based on their work experience.  Please contact the UNIGIS office and/or Admissions Tutor for further information if you are unsure whether you qualify for entry onto the programme.  We will be glad to discuss your options with you.


What exactly does distance learning study involve?

Distance learning is study based at home away from the university campus.  You don’t need to leave your job or move in order to study with UNIGIS.  The programme runs in part-time mode and all elements of the programme are delivered through the Internet.  Students can study on the UNIGIS programme without ever coming to Salford or Manchester.  The units or modules of study are packaged as a series of learning materials which are delivered through a virtual learning environment (VLE).  Assignments are submitted via the VLE.


What will it cost to study on the UNIGIS UK programme?

The fee for students registering on the programme in September 2018 is as follows:  HOME/EU Students £6,400 and OVERSEAS Students £7,900.   The course fee is payable within the first 2 years of reigstration, either in full at the start of the course or by instalments. Fees can be paid by sterling cheque, direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. Alternatively, an invoice can be sent to your employer on receipt of a letter confirming that they will pay your fees.  There are instalment plans available.  Please contact the UNIGIS Office for further details.


What resources or equipment do I need to study on the UNIGIS UK programme?

Students are required to have reliable Broadband Internet access and a PC with the following specification:

Hardware requirements:  2.2 GHz minimum or higher; Hyper-threading (HHT) or Multi-core recommended.  Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core Duo, or Xeon Processors; SSE2 (or greater).  2 GB memory or higher.


Will I get access to GIS software?

All UNIGIS students get free access* to leading edge GIS software (ArcGIS 10.X currently) and a variety of courses on the ESRI Virtual Campus.  This allows students the opportunity to get to grips with industry standard proprietary GIS software – with many practical exercises using the software embedded within the UNIGIS educational materials.  Students also receive a copy of the ERDAS Imagine software and Intergraph’s Geomedia Professional software, free of charge for the duration of their studies.  Free and Open Source (FOSS) GIS software is also used within the programme.

*UNIGIS cannot provide proprietary GIS software in some countries and students living in these states or nations must seek alternative sources of software (typically FOSS).  Please contact the UNIGIS office if you think this may affect you.


How long does it take and how many hours of study per week?

The full Masters programme usually takes three years to complete.  Although, where extenuating circumstances permit, students can take a maximum of five years to complete the MSc programme.  However, students can opt to study for a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) or Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) which take one or two years respectively.

You will need to devote about 1200 hours of study to complete the Diploma course, each twenty-credit unit being designed to require about 200 hours of student effort. This is inclusive of completing assessments.


What about library access?

Postgraduate students need access to professional journals and you will have access to the range of journals, datasets and other information provided by our universities’ electronic libraries. You will also have the opportunity to join the SCONUL Access Scheme, which will allow you to use the facilities at your local university library, if it also participates in the scheme.


Why choose UNIGIS UK?

Our curricula is designed to be relevant to GIS professionals and intending professionals.  Our Pathways satisfy professional development needs and are ideal for in-service training. The continual revision ensures the currency of the materials.  UNIGIS UK is part of an international network of scholarship.  We place great emphasis upon support for our students.  Our objective is to develop very close relationships with our distance-learning students.


Can I apply for exemption?

You may apply for exemption from a unit on the basis of prior learning, qualifications or work experience. The maximum exemption you can gain towards a PgD award is 60 credits. Requests for exemption are considered on a unit by unit basis. No exemptions are allowed for the dissertation.