Graham Smith

Graham Smith

Programme Director
Manchester Metropolitan University

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0) 161 247 6214
Fax: +44 (0) 161 247 6318
Skype: grsmith2

Graham is a Senior Lecturer in GIS at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has degrees in Geography (BSc Hons) and Environmental Remote Sensing (MSc) from the Universities of St Andrews and Aberdeen. He is the Programme Director for UNIGIS UK.


Graham's current research interests include the social application of GIS for measuring and mapping inequalities within the UK, the use of GPS technology and DEMs in the study of physical landforms, and the application of airborne/satellite remote sensing in landuse-landcover change detection.

Selected Publications

Hughes, P.D., Woodward, J.C., Gibbard, P.L., Macklin, M.G., Gilmour, M.A. and Smith, G.R. (2006) The Glacial History of the Pindus Mountains, Greece. The Journal of Geology 114(4): 413-434.


Woodward, J.C., Macklin, M.G. and Smith, G.R. (2004) Pleistocene glaciation in the mountains of Greece. In: J. Ehlers and P.L. Gibbard (eds) Quaternary Glaciations: Extent and Chronology: Part 1 Europe, Elsevier. p. 155-173.


Smith, G.R., Woodward, J.C., Heywood, D.I. and Gibbard, P.L. (2000) Interpreting Pleistocene glacial features from SPOT HRV data using fuzzy techniques. Computers and Geosciences, 26, 479-490.