Dr Nick Gould

Dr Nick Gould

Unit Tutor
Manchester Metropolitan University

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0) 161 247 6235
Email: n.gould@mmu.ac.uk

Nick is a lecturer in GIS at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a former UNIGIS alumni and completed his MSc in 2009. He also has a PhD from MMU. His research interests are in transport and knowledge engineering.



Selected Publications

Gould, N. and Mackaness, W. (2015) From taxonomies to ontologies: formalizing generalization knowledge for on-demand mapping. Cartography and Geographic Information Science,  pp. 1-15


Regnauld, N., Touya, G., Gould, N. and Foerster, T. (2014) Process Modelling, Web Services and Geoprocessing. In Burghardt, D., Duchene, C. and Mackaness, W. A. (eds.) Abstracting Geographic Information in a Data Rich World. Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 197-226.


Gould, N., Mackaness, W., A., Touya, G. and Hart, G. (2014) Collaboration on an Ontology for Generalisation. In 17th Workshop of the ICA commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation. Vienna, 23rd September 2014