Dr Mike Wood

Dr Mike Wood

Programme Leader
University of Salford

Contact Details:

Tel: 44 (0) 161 295 2143
Email: m.d.wood@salford.ac.uk

Dr Mike Wood is a Lecturer in Environmental Management at the University of Salford and Joint Programme Leader (Salford) for the UNIGIS Network..  He teaches within the School of Environment & Life Sciences and delivers his research through the Ecosystems & Environment Research Centre.


Mike’s research cuts across the broad subject of environmental management, with a particular focus on applied research to inform environmental decision-making, management and policy development.  Much of his research utilises GIS in the assessment and management of pollution and natural resources.  He has coordinated 2 large international interdisciplinary projects, is a member of various environmental management-related international Working Groups and chairs an international task group.  Mike has worked extensively throughout Europe and South Asia and also has ongoing research collaborations in Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States. 


Mike is a Chartered Member of the Society for Radiological Protection (CRadP MSRP) and Full Professional Member of the International Union of Radioecologists.  He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.



Selected Publications

Yankovich T, King-Sharp KJ, Benz ML, Carr J, Killey RWD, Beresford NA, Wood MD, in press. Do site-specific radiocarbon measurements reflect localized distributions of 14C in biota inhabiting a wetland with point contamination sources? Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.


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Wood MD, Copplestone D, 2011. Temporal changes in gamma dose rates in the Esk Estuary, UK. Radioprotection 46(6), 301-307.


Chen H, Wood MD, Maltby E, 2011. Uncertainty analysis in a GIS-based multi-criteria analysis tool for river catchment management. Environmental Modelling & Software 26(4), 395-405.


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Jones DG, Appleton JD, Breward N, MacKenzie AC, Scheib C, Beresford NA, Barnett CL, Wood MD, Copplestone D, 2009. Assessment of naturally occurring radionuclides around England and Wales: Application of the G-BASE dataset to estimate doses to non-human species. Radioprotection 44 (5), 629-634.


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