UNIGIS academic begins new NERC-funded project on Gardens and Ecosystem Services

Gina Cavan is working with the University of Leicester on a project funded by the NERC Green Infrastructure Innovation programme.

Domestic gardens are an important component of urban green infrastructure (GI), that can provide connectivity between larger areas of GI such as parks. Domestic gardens therefore help to improve the functioning of urban ecosystems and the services they provide, such as reducing flood risk and lowering urban temperatures. Information about the quality and quantity of GI within domestic gardens is needed in order to refine environmental models to aid the identification and prioritisation of areas of GI need. The project, focused in Manchester, UK, takes a novel citizen science approach to collect data on the quantity and quality of GI in domestic gardens from the general public. This data will feed existing environmental models to refine outputs of mapped urban ecosystem services.

This project has been co-designed with partners at Manchester City Council, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Red Rose Forest, Southway Housing and Mersey Forest; who will aid delivery of the project and action planning to prioritise areas of GI need. For further information please email g.cavan@mmu.ac.uk