SER 2015 - Conference

The UNIGIS UK team is out in force at the 6th World Conference on Ecological Restoration here in Manchester, UK. The theme for SER 2015 is Towards Resilient Ecosystems: Restoring the Urban, the Rural and the Wild, with several of the UNIGIS UK team members contributing papers to the Mapping, Modelling and Visualisation: GI in Ecological Restoration symposium on Tuesday 25 August 2015. These presentations represent the diverse range of environmental and ecological applications of geospatial technologies that various team members are currently working on and/or contributing to alongside fellow co-workers, including topics such as wildlife exposure to environmental contaminants in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Dr Mike Wood), surveillance and early detection of invasive tree diseases (Dr Stephen Parnell), regulating urban ecosystem services in China and UK (Dr Gina Cavan), adopting ecosystem services approaches in helping quantify urban environmental quality (Dr Richard Armitage), monitoring Mediterranean land degradation with satellite imagery (Dr Elias Symeonakis), and exploring the relationship between topography and the diversity of salt marsh vegetation communities using LiDAR and dGPS (Peter Lawrence and Graham Smith). Abstracts for the papers can be accessed via the weblink and please contact individual members of the UNIGIS team if you would like to further discuss any of their work.

SER 2015. 23-27 August, Manchester UK.