New research article published in Ecological Indicators

Urban ecosystem services provided by green space essential in adapting African cities to climate change

Green space in urban areas provides important regulating ecosystem services, such as temperature and flood regulation, and has the potential to increase the resilience of African cities to climate change hazards. This paper uses GIS to characterise the urban morphology of two African cities and applies a web-based GIS tool to model, quantify and map the temperature regulation services across Dar es Salaam and Addis Ababa. It demonstrates how land surface cover and built mass have a much greater potential to alter neighbourhood land surface temperatures compared to projected climate changes. Further, current urban renewal strategies to upgrade informal unplanned settlements affects ecosystem services provision and has the potential to adversely affect future temperature regulating services.


This research article, authored by Dr Gina Cavan has just published online in the journal Ecological Indicators. The full research article is available from here:


This project was funded by EU FP7 Climate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA) project ( The full task publication “Green Infrastructure: An essential foundation for sustainable urban futures in Africa” can be downloaded from: