Better Mapping Event

Better Mapping Event, London - 8th November 2011

Steer Davis Gleave
28-32 Upper Ground

Entitled 'Better Mapping', these one day training seminars, featuring a number of expert presenters, introduce a range of topics and easy methods that will demonstrate how good cartographic practice can greatly improve the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of your digital and hard copy maps. Better presentation will make all the difference in getting your message across!


The use of geographic information, digital mapping software and GIS is omni-present. Never before has the importance of understanding the fundamentals of good map design been more important. Better cartographic presentation will make all the difference in getting your message across. A poorly designed map can at least diminish effective communication and at worst mislead, perhaps seriously.


Without good design and careful consideration of the fundamental elements of cartography, maps simply are not worth the paper on which they are printed,” said Mary Spence, who was awarded an MBE for her contribution to map design and map-making, and is Past-President of the British Cartographic Society. “As a nation we have a rich history of map making that has a deserved worldwide reputation for quality; it is therefore essential that modern GI professionals have the knowledge and skills to continue to produce great maps.


The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and The British Cartographic Society (BCS) annually hold joint events around the UK, and believe these Better Mapping events are of tremendous interest to all individuals involved in creating maps. Prices remain frozen for 2011!


Delegates will each receive a copy of Cartography: an introduction, the booklet published by The BCS that explains the fundamentals of good cartographic design.


Please note that as a delegate at this event you can allocate 4 points towards the AGI continuing professional development scheme. More information on the scheme can be found at the AGI website.  Attendance certificates can be requested.


AGI Member: £69+VAT
BCS Member: £69+VAT
Non Member: £195+VAT